Construction News

October 2008 - 6 news articles

Construction jobs created by Tyne Tunnel


Thousands of jobs in construction have been created by the building of the second Tyne Tunnel. Work has now kicked off on the massive £260 million project which will link north and south ...

Construction jobs 'hit hardest'


UK construction jobs have been among those hardest hit by the credit crunch, Building has reported.On Monday, it was announced up to 8,000 jobs could go in Northern Ireland because of the tightening ...

Pay cuts taken to save construction jobs


Construction workers have agreed to take a pay cut in order to reduce the number of people who will lose their jobs. Employees at construction equipment manufacturer JCB will have their pay reduced ...

Builders: Govt needs to act fast


The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has said the government needs to act quickly and stimulate the housing market.Its State of Trade survey revealed the construction industry is suffering because ...

Management now a thankless task


Management has become a thankless task, were bosses forget to thank their employees, a survey has suggested.A poll by business consultancy Matiz found workers thought their bosses showed less ...

New planning rules could create construction jobs


More construction jobs could open up today after changes to planning permission were announced by Housing and Planning Minister Caroline Flint.Making home improvements is expected to become much more ...